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Every change you want to make in your life just comes down to creating new habits.

Your changes become successful and permanent when your habit-changing strategies come from inside you—from your own subconscious mind.

In our sessions, I listen carefully to your dreams, struggles, goals, aspirations and then work with your own positive suggestions to help you create the lifestyle you desire.


Often people feel a change after just one session.


I am passionate and committed to helping you be the very best version of you and thrive.

Individual sessions are perfect if you want to experience hypnotherapy one time or for implementing habit changes.
(A) 50 minute sessions $150
(B) 80 minute sessions $195
(C) Three 50 minute 
session package
Package includes: weekly private hypnotherapy session, weekly group class/education, materials, daily text support and membership in private Facebook support group.
6 week Program
Smoking Cessation
Past Life Regression
 Relationship Strategies
Self Hypnosis
Habit Control
The Mental Bank
Better Sleep for Better Health Weight Loss
$25 for one class
or -
Six class pre-paid $100


  • Why choose hypnotherapy?
    Your subconscious reflects how you’ve been programmed all your life. Hypnotherapy helps you identify and change what’s in your subconscious so you can make positive changes easily. Let’s look at food: When we were children, most of us were taught that food is our comfort and our reward. We’ve been reinforcing this all our lives, every time we rationalize “I deserve this!” or cook something special to show someone we love them. Now it’s almost impossible for us to change our lifelong pattern without help. The suggestions I give you are carefully chosen and are uniquely meaningful to you. Your new healthy, fit motivations become more powerful than your old habit of using food in a destructive, unhealthy way. Once your subconscious is on the same page with what you really want, your behavior starts to change.
  • Is hynotherapy widely accepted?
    Hypnosis has been approved for medical use by the American Medical Association for sixty years—since 1958! It’s safe and effective. In 1960 the American Psychological Association endorsed hypnosis as a branch of psychology. In 1978, the US Federal Government accepted “hypnotherapist” as a defined occupation. Medical Research Supports Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy In recent years, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have become accepted medical therapies to address a variety of conditions. Researchers and professors in universities such as Stanford, Harvard, University of Califorina, Los Angeles, and Penn State, just to name a few, have conducted clinical studies on hypnosis and found that hypnosis does in fact alter the brain and can be used for a multitude of conditions. (via
  • How does hypnosis work?
    ​Hypnotherapy uses the techniques of hypnosis or a trance state in a clinical and therapeutic setting to provide meaningful change to the automatic programming that resides in your subconscious mind. Think of hypnosis as a learning state. It allows you to positively alter the beliefs, associations and programming that are not serving serving you and replace these motivations to produce lasting positive change. Hypnotherapy can produce permanent and meaningful positive change in just a few sessions.
  • What happens in our hypnotherapy session?
    I listen to you talk about the changes you want to make in your life and your specific challenges. We talk about your successes and struggles so we can come up with a strategy that is uniquely yours. We work together like a coach and an athlete to uncover any roadblocks to your success. I am with you every step of the way. The suggestions I give you and your subconscious are unique, just for you. You have innate wisdom and have all of your own answers. We work together to uncover the path that works perfectly for you and gets you exactly where you want to be. Because the suggestions are tailored to your specific needs and your vision for your best self, your subconscious will accept them. If we meet any resistance, we work together to resolve those roadblocks and clear your path for lasting change.
  • How will I feel when I'm hypnotized?
    You’ll recognize the feeling—hypnosis is a natural state that you experience every day. We’re all in a state of hypnosis when we first wake up and the last 30 minutes or so before we fall asleep. Some of us enter hypnosis during the day when we watch TV, drive, go for a run, or admire a beautiful scene. During hypnotherapy, you feel very aware and present. It’s a calming state created in a controlled environment where you are guided with love and positivity to make the changes that you desire. Think of hypnosis as a natural learning tool enabling your to concentrate intensely and block out distractions. This gives you the opportunity to make changes quickly and permanently on the inside and soon it shows on the outside. Some people notice a change after only one session.
  • Will I have access to you via email in between sessions?
    Absolutely. If you have any questions or concerns between sessions I can normally get back to you within 24 hours. Email:
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